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The environmental and social challenges that are facing the world have never been greater.

The food we eat, and how that food is produced, sourced, packaged and disposed of has major consequences. By Helping Everyone Eat Better we are committing to play a leading role in offering delicious, affordable food that supports healthy and sustainable diets and helps customers reduce their impact on the planet one plate at a time.  

Our Plan For Better sets out our sustainability goals across our whole business, outlining our priority areas of focus, our key commitments and our progress. We have identified areas which matter most to our stakeholders and are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, so that we can make the biggest difference. 

Our Plan for Better has three interlocking pillars:

  • Better for You is all about supporting customers to eat healthy and sustainable diets.  
  • Better for the Planet is about delivering our environmental commitments and getting to Net Zero by 2035.
  • And Better for Everyone where we support the people in our business and supply chains and in the communities we serve and source.  


Watch below for Plan for Better in a nutshell:



For a deep dive into Plan for Better, watch our ESG event:



Click here to see the presentation given at the ESG event.

What does Plan for Better mean for our suppliers?

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of our core business. In 2021 we announced the acceleration of our target to become Net Zero by 2035, five years earlier than our original ambition, and aligned to UN’s goal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. We also committed to set an absolute target to reduce our Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 30% by 2030. This includes reducing emissions from purchased goods and services sold, upstream transport and distribution and the direct use of sold products.

We recognise that we cannot achieve these targets alone, and that this is a collaborative effort across a range of stakeholders. We will support our suppliers to deliver against their own Scope 1 and Scope 2 targets to drive lasting change. And we ask our suppliers to support us across our Plan for Better pillars and have clear targets and reduction plans across your operations and supply chain. 

We recognise that the topic of Sustainability can be both complex and ambiguous. The links on this page, and the wider portal are designed to help you understand how your business can support both Sainsbury’s and the wider UN SDG’s ‘Plan for Better’.

Understand the Issues

Understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Embrace Sustainability as Part of Good Business


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