Judith Batchelar, OBE, Director Sainsbury's BrandAt the last Farming Conference one of our key themes was innovation, we shared examples of areas where we are being innovative and we challenged you to think about innovation in your own businesses, from slugs to geospatial analytics, we have a few examples of this on-farm innovation to share. Our resident vet shares learnings and tips for best practice biosecurity on farm, using the Pork Steering Group’s recent trip to a chicken producer as a case study. We also have a summary of the key messages from The Oxford Farming Conference, where I presented with members of the Agriculture team on Intelligent Agriculture, as well as celebrating the launch of our new Kinermony range into selected stores this month, a product that really represents true distinctiveness and quality, as well as Sainsbury’s heritage. Most appropriate as we celebrate our 150th Birthday.

Judith Batchelar, O.B.E - Director, Sainsbury's Brand
November 2019

Sainsbury’s and Greenvale Grow Together

Sainsbury’s and Greenvale’s potato grower group have been working together with the established aims of improving and developing the future of Sainsbury’s fresh potato supply chain from the farm to the final packed product on shelf.