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Designing a healthy and sustainable diet is complex – we recommend suppliers streamline their efforts behind pre-existing, cross-sector frameworks, to ensure your products are treated as ‘best in class’.  

The following information is designed to showcase which definitions, organisations and guidelines continue to help Sainsbury’s drive towards an increasingly healthy and sustainable product portfolio.

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Plan for Better Health Targets

Our Plan for Better Targets are based on our classification of the healthiness of products, for more information see our overview of the targets and interactive decision trees which can be used to define the health status of products.

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ESG/ Health:

    Disclosure/ Benchmarking:



    Reformulate products, in line with Public Health England’s reformulation priorities.

    In line with Public Health England’s reformulation priorities, ‘Healthy diets’ is an area of increasing legislation; reformulating products behind Public Heath’s reformulation priorities will drive commercial and sustainable success.

    Sainsbury’s has experience of running reformulation programs, without compromising quality or taste. 93% of our own brand products meet the Public Health England maximum calorie per portion target, and we’ve reduced sugar content in the top 5 sugar contributing categories by over 20% since 2015. Whilst we are proud of our performance, upcoming legislation as well as health and sustainability priorities means we will continue to develop and deliver healthy and sustainable diets for all.

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    Calorie targets

    Sugar reformulation targets

    Salt targets



    To bring heathy choices, including plant rich options to the market. The IGD Reformulation Guide is a powerful tool-kit which continues to support Sainsbury’s reformulate our own brand range, without compromising quality or taste; we recommend suppliers align behind the IGD Health framework.

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    4Prepare for HFSS legislation

    ‘High Fat, Salt and Sugar’ is both a legislative and health priority. HFSS legislation goes live in October 2022.


    To help with our preparations, we are requesting suppliers to certain product categories provide us with the information needed to assess whether a product is impacted by the placement and promotional regulations. The information includes the following:

    • the HFSS score for the product;
    • the Legislative category the product falls into; and
    • whether the product is classified as a ‘Food’ or ‘Drink’.

    We will use two approaches to collect this information based on if you supply Branded or Own Brand products. These are as follows:

    For Branded Suppliers

    • We will use the GS1 UK productDNA portal to source the full set of 20 HFSS data attributes from you, including those listed above.
    • If you are an existing productDNA subscriber, then the HFSS attributes will be available for population and publication through the HFSS channel from 1st February.
    • If you are not already registered on the productDNA portal, you will need to register; this link will take you to the portal 
    • If you don’t know whether you are a productDNA subscriber, you can contact GS1 UK as described here:  https://www.gs1uk.org/contact-us
    • From 1st February the GS1 UK productDNA portal will be open for you to submit the HFSS data for your products.

    For Own Brand Suppliers

    • We have sent you an Excel template to complete with the information requested, for the products you supply; we will provide guidance on how to complete the template.

    If you have any queries regarding HFSS please contact HFSS.Queries@sainsburys.co.uk

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