Sainsbury's launches its new commitment 'Helping Everyone Eat Better'

Our new commitment to ‘Help Everyone Eat Better’ will aim to make healthy and sustainable diets accessible for everyone.

This month we launched our new brand commitment, “Helping Everyone Eat Better”, retiring our “Live Well for Less” motto after ten years. We’re committing to making a healthy and delicious diet accessible to everyone, in line with the government’s Eatwell Guide.

Food First is at the heart of our plan because we feel passionately that we are at our best when we are at the heart of Britain’s relationship with food. As a major retailer we can help our customers improve the relationship they have with food by showing them how a diet made up of more fruit and veg isn’t just better for them, but it’s better for the planet too. We want to support our customers to reduce carbon emissions and food waste, helping them recycle more, use less plastic, and guide them to make healthier, more sustainable choices.

Kicking off with an advertising campaign, voiced by Stephen Fry, we are encouraging customers to mix it up and try recipes that are made up of more fruit and vegetables over the summer, such as strawberries, kale, broccoli, peas, and beetroot.

For each of these ingredients, we are providing a delicious recipe to help customers incorporate them into their diets, including a broccoli frittata, a kale filo pie, strawberry pancakes, pea pesto pasta, and a beetroot burger. These recipes lend a hand to deliver realistic changes that will help customers have a greater proportion of fruit, veg and starchy carbohydrates.

The new focus reflects our belief that healthy and delicious food should be available to everyone and will make it easier and more accessible for customers to incrementally improve their diets while helping to reduce their impact on the environment.

More than a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from food production and research shows that shifting the nation from the current UK average diet towards those more in line with the Eatwell Guide that's made up of more fruit, veg and starchy carbohydrates, could deliver reductions in greenhouse gases of approximately 30%.

Mark Given, Chief Marketing Officer at Sainsbury’s said: "At Sainsbury’s, we believe everyone should have access to healthy, tasty food that is better for them and the planet too. With our new brand commitment, we want to help our customers shake up their approach to food, by actively helping everyone make healthier choices. From providing recipe information and offering incentives for eating more fruit and veg, we have a lot in store and can’t wait to bring the nation on this journey with us."


For more information on our 'Helping Everyone Eat Better' campaign please see our Spring Edition of the Supplier Journal.

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