Delivering great value for our customers

Our three core pricing campaigns

Part of our Helping Everyone Eat Better campaign is to focus on Sainsbury’s belief that healthy and delicious food should be available to everyone.  A huge part of this has been a focus on offering value to customers throughout the year, to put food back at the heart of Sainsbury’s and to show our commitment to invest where it matters most to our customers.

Our three core pricing campaigns, My Nectar Prices, Price Lock and Sainsbury’s Quality, Aldi Price Match, are an important aspect of this and we are using these to ensure we are offering customers great value all year round across a range of categories in Fresh and Grocery. Each campaign offers their own benefits to customers and are crucial as part of our commitment to put Food First.

Who do our pricing campaigns target?

Our Price Lock campaign is our value mechanic to communicate everyday low prices on Branded and Sainsbury’s own brand products to our customers.  The campaign is run across our core and everyday products within Fresh and Grocery and is designed to give customers confidence in consistently low prices.  

Sainsbury’s Quality, Aldi Price Match offers customers Sainsbury’s quality they expect, price matched with Aldi, in a range of Branded and Sainsbury’s own brand products across Fresh and Grocery, including Produce and Meat, Fish & Poultry. The campaign is focused on enticing customers to shop with Sainsbury’s, using low prices on their favourite products.

Our recent launch of My Nectar Prices in September offers customers shopping in-store using SmartShop, lower prices on the products they love, tailoring our price offer where it matters most to them.  It is one of the more recent steps in our strategy to digitise how customers shop, combining the best of online and in-person shopping to engage and reward customers.

My Nectar Prices launch

My Nectar Prices offers a new way for customers to save money on their grocery shopping and ensures customers are getting the best prices on their favourite products.


The launch comes in response to more customers choosing digital ways to shop in store. We recently reached a milestone with 8 million customers now registered with the Nectar app, and SmartShop sales are up an incredible 173% in the last financial year. We also saw supermarkets with handsets have 30% of all sales through SmartShop, more than double the level last year at 14%.

By using the app, customers can get discounts based on their shopping habits, meaning pre-existing digital Nectar customers will be offered up to 30% off products uniquely handpicked for them, ensuring they will receive the best possible value for their favourite products. Both branded and Sainsbury’s own-brand products are included and the list is updated regularly, meaning the new initiative could save a weekly Sainsbury’s shopper upwards of £200 a year when taking full advantage of My Nectar Prices.

The launch demonstrates our strategy to focus more on bringing customers consistent value all year-round. Nectar is the UK’s most recognised loyalty scheme, and by making the Nectar programme digital we are making things simpler and more rewarding for our customers. Offers will all be in one place and can be quickly and easily updated to make sure they are relevant to each customer and delivering great value.

Mark Given, Sainsbury’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. With more and more of them choosing to shop digitally, My Nectar Prices is designed to bring them the best prices on their favourite products. This is a really exciting step in our plans to personalise loyalty and really reward customers with consistently great value. We will be listening closely to their feedback before bringing My Nectar Prices to other channels and launching more exciting and engaging ways to shop in our stores.”

Sainsbury’s Quality, Aldi Price Match Campaign

My Nectar Prices also sits alongside our Sainsbury’s Quality, Aldi Price Match campaign which launched in February. The campaign originally launched across everyday products, with the aim to offer customers Sainsbury’s quality they expect now price matched to Aldi, helping them save more on their grocery shopping. The campaign has had a positive reaction from customers since launch, as more customers are choosing to shop at Sainsbury’s, with our growth in secondary shoppers ahead of the market¹.


The campaign continues as we are matching Sainsbury’s quality with Aldi prices on our more popular products, with a focus on customer favourites such as meat, chicken, fresh fruit & vegetables, and dairy.  

Price Lock

Autumn also saw the launch of the latest wave of our popular Price Lock campaign. The pricing mechanic is refreshed four times per year, most recently with our Autumn wave which includes over 2,500 products compared to over 2,300 in the summer campaign, offering customers savings across a range of categories in Fresh and Grocery. Categories include Household, Baby & Pet with over 720 products, and Packaged and Speciality with over 600 products.


Our teams are busy working on the next part of the campaign. The Winter wave is set to launch at the beginning of January, giving customers the confidence to budget well into the spring. The Spring campaign will then follow soon after at the end of March.

To find out more, or to recommend your products to include in the campaigns, please reach out to your Sainsbury’s Buying contact.


1 Source: Secondary Shoppers – Contribution to Volume Growth. Nielsen Panel, Total FMCG (excl. Kiosk & Tobacco), 12wks to September 2021. Market Universe: Total Outlets.

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