COP26 reflections and commitments

In November, the 26th Conference of the Parties took place in Glasgow.  The event brought together more than 197 countries to work towards securing global net zero by 2050, and to protect communities and natural habitats affected by climate change.

The event concluded with 190 countries agreeing to the Glasgow Climate Pact to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and all countries agreed to revisit and strengthen their current emissions targets to 2030.  The Paris Rulebook, which are the guidelines for how the Paris Agreement will be delivered, were also completed after six years of discussions.  And for the first time, COP agreed action on phasing down fossil fuels.

COP26 was a truly pivotal moment and we were proud to be the Principal Supermarket Partner, putting Sainsbury’s right at the heart of the summit. During the event we hosted an exhibition space in the COP26 Green Zone to engage the public on how we can all eat better by making small changes to our plates. We encouraged attendees to make pledges on how they will support the environment, and with hundreds of pledges from our colleagues and COP26 attendees, it is clear that Sainsbury's stakeholders are as passionate as we are on tackling climate change; pledging to fight food waste and ramp up recycling. 


Commitments made at COP26

During the two weeks, Sainsbury’s announced a number of new commitments, including our recently announced plans to accelerate our target to become Net Zero in our own operations by 2035, five years earlier than our original ambition.

We will work with WWF to halve the environmental impact of UK baskets by 2030, and as part of this commitment, we have agreed that we will move to a near term scope 3 target by the end of 2022 which moves us to a 50% reduction by 2030, rather than 30%. We cannot underestimate the importance of reducing our GHG emissions and this is where we rely on your support the most. Our Scope 3 emissions cover all indirect emissions across our supply chain. Together we can work together to protect and restore our planet for future generations to come and we hope you will join us on this journey to act ambitiously on climate change.

We were Tier 2 signatories, ‘Observers’, to the Glasgow Declaration for Fair Water Footprints for climate resilient, inclusive, and sustainable development, whilst also announcing our involvement in Get Nature Positive, led by Defra, the Council for Sustainable Business and the G7 Sustainable Supply Chains initiative. 

We also became signatories to a joint declaration on accelerating the transition to 100% zero emission cars and vans, as well as to the UK Soy Manifesto, a commitment to cutting deforestation and habitat destruction out of UK soy supply chains as soon as possible, and by 2025 at the latest.

COP26 events

We hosted a number of events bringing in experts from across our business to discuss industry challenges and the progress we’ve made within our plastic packaging, recycling, sustainable farming and food waste, which you can catch up on below.

Uncharted Waters: Preserving our most vital resource 

Helping Everyone Eat Better: What can we do to help our planet and our health at the same time?  

Measuring what matters: Towards a consistent approach on data and labelling for supply chain resilience   

Helping Everyone Eat Better: Demystifying the environmental challenges, we face and sharing simple steps we can all take to make a big difference

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