Launching a sustainable Halloween

We have reduced plastic and food waste in our Halloween ranges

In October we launched our new Halloween range, removing over 15 tonnes of plastic from circulation since last year.  This came as part of our Plan for Better, which sets out our sustainability goals across our whole business.

We made significant changes to our Halloween range, including eliminating lamination from our paper plates and bowls range, redesigning our trick or treat buckets, and swapping plastic packaging out of some of our more popular products including wreaths, signs and lights. All of these changes take us one step closer to reaching our goal to reduce plastic packaging by 2025. 

One of our most popular products, by sales and volume, are our printed bucket assortments, these are now made from card rather than plastic.

We also ranged new bamboo fibre paper tableware, getting our customers in the mood for the spooky season, whilst also being more environmentally sustainable.

As well as our paper tableware, where we have updated our paper cups to have wrap band packaging in paper rather than plastic.

Halloween not only saw us working hard to reduce plastic in our ranges, but we also encouraged customers to reduce their food waste by only selling edible pumpkins. All part of our commitment to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030. We helped our customers to make the most of their usually discarded pumpkin seeds and flesh from carving pumpkins, by providing them with a range of easy and delicious recipes; including a pumpkin and ginger soup and a pumpkin spice celebration cake.

Stephen Johnson, Head of Technical and Ethical at Sainsbury’s said: “As the UK’s love of the spooky holiday grows, it’s really important that we celebrate in a way that’s considerate for the planet. We’re committed to reducing plastic packaging across branded and our own brand products by 50% by 2025 and halving food waste across our value chain by 2030, which is why we continue to look at ways we can reduce our impact not only in our business but by helping our customers do the same.”

We are also planning similar this Christmas by continuing to remove plastic from our seasonal ranges, including plastic free crackers and the removal of film on our gift wrap – 550,000 metres to be exact!

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