Sainsbury's launches refillable handwash pouches helping customers reduce plastic waste at home

Sainsbury’s has announced the launch of its own-brand 1L refillable handwash pouches

Today, Sainsbury’s has announced the launch of its own-brand 1L refillable handwash pouches*. The 1L pouches use 85% less plastic** and will help customers to reduce the amount of plastic waste in their homes by simply reusing their handwash bottle and pump and refilling from a Sainsbury’s handwash pouch.

The new refillable pouches are now available in supermarkets across the UK and online. The pouches are estimated to save a total of 28 tonnes of plastic every year*** and are 35% lower in cost compared to the equivalent bottles, meaning customers can expect a high-quality product which is also great value.

To recycle the pouches, customers can simply bring them to one of Sainsbury’s front-of-store flexible plastics recycling points (available in all Sainsbury’s UK supermarkets).

The innovative move follows a series of plastic reductions as part of the retailer’s ongoing commitment to halve its own brand plastic packaging by 2025. Sainsbury’s recently moved its 5 pack of Fairtrade bananas from a plastic bag to a paper band, removing 25 million single-use plastic bags. From July, the retailer will also be switching its double strength squash bottles to quadruple strength squash bottles, saving 177 tonnes of plastic.

*SKUs include:

Original Handwash Antibacterial 1L - 8099529
Moisture Handwash Antibacterial 1L – 8099524
Aloe Handwash Antibacterial 1L – 8099521

**Based on plastic weight per g compared with 4 x 250ml The Collection bottles

***Based on the assumption people who currently buy 500ml refill bottles would switch to buying the 1l refill pouch

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